Jurassic Tours Now Open at Northwest Escape Experience

With the Governor’s grouping of Clackamas and Washington Counties in with Multnomah, it is unclear when escape rooms in Portland or the surrounding area will open. For now, it looks like Vancouver, Washington is the best option for in-person escapes. Jurassic Tours: Back to the Past is now open at NW Escape Experience.

“You have been invited to crazy Doc Braun’s laboratory to experience his latest invention! Introducing Jurassic Tours! The very first adventure tour through time! Go back to the Jurassic Era and on a guided tour and witness real life dinosaurs in the wild! Relax! What could go wrong?

Oh and leave your cell phones at the door! Where we’re going…we don’t need phones!”
Jurassic Tours is $35 per person, 2 person minimum, up to 6 players. Currently, all private bookings.
NW Escape Experience

Which Escape Rooms Are Open in Portland Now?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, escape rooms went on the back burner for in-person escapes. As things begin to re-open around Portland and Vancouver, WA, some escape rooms are coming back. Here is some information about the escape rooms (as far as I know) that have re-opened or announced they are opening soon. If you are comfortable with the safety precautions, please visit your local escape rooms.

ParadigmQ (Open)

ParadigmQ is open in Vancouver. We actually got to do Sasquatch on Site last week! It was a lot of fun and recommended. (If you like the rooms at Escape Games PDX, you’ll like the rooms here). Amnesia is also currently available for booking, (according to the employee I talked to, even if you played Amnesia at Escape Games PDX, this is all new puzzles, so we are looking forward to trying this one). My understanding is that Out of the Past and Into the Future will be available for booking soon, so stay tuned.

Northwest Escape Experience (Open)

Northwest Escape Experience is now open. As of about June 5th, they were available for booking their 3 rooms:

  • The Kill Room
  • Operation: DB Cooper
  • CSI: North Pole
  • Jurassic Tours (does not appear to be available for booking yet)

Stumptown Escape (Planning July 2nd, subject to Governor’s approval)

Stumptown sent out an email announcing they planned to reopen July 2nd, “barring any other unforeseen events (Alien first contact, Volcanos, Chupacabras, etc).” However, as of June 12, their facebook page stated: “The governor has put a seven day pause into effect. Stayed tuned to this page for how this may impact our re-opening plans.” Stay tuned.

When Are the Other Escape Rooms Opening?

TBD. I would expect rooms in Tigard, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Happy Valley,  and Tualatin to be the next to open, as they are in Washington County and Clackamas County, in Phase 1 awaiting Phase 2 reopening. Escape rooms in Portland-proper (and Gresham) will likely be later as Multnomah County is yet to enter Phase 1.

Washington County Escape Rooms:

Clackamas County Escape Rooms:

Remote Avatar Escape Rooms in Portland:

Remote escape rooms with an in-person camera view are available in Portland. It is not the same as the in-room experience but it can really scratch the itch. I’ve done a dozen or so remote/avatar rooms all over the world over the past couple months. Some of them are a lot of fun. A good listing is found at Escape the Review.

As you can see from the reviews, Mad Genius Escape Rooms has one of the top rated remote play games with The Truth About Edith. This is an “hour-long timed adventure sprinkled with interactive theater and a good dose of humor.” If you like the Mad Genius rooms as much as I do, you’ll have fun with this one.

(Note: I may be missing some but hey, I’m just one person. Please contact me if I missed anything or have some incorrect information here. Thanks.)

The Cat Lady is Back! Mad Genius New Virtual Escape.

Mad Genius is one of my favorite escape room companies in Portland. Battle of the Ancients is probably my favorite but Cat Lady is one of the most fun and unique escape rooms ever. Now, Edith Humphreys, AKA The Cat Lady, is back!

The Truth About Edith is a remote-play virtual escape for 4 people to play online. Each person needs a computer, internet connection, Zoom, and Chrome or Firefox. Don’t worry if you have, or have not, played Cat Lady. The virtual game is $80 for 4 players.

“Cat Lady and The Truth About Edith are completely different games with completely different puzzles. If you have played our physical Cat Lady game, there will be a couple of little inside jokes for you in The Truth About Edith. You do not need to have played Cat Lady to understand or fully enjoy The Truth About Edith.”

This could also be a unique gift option for someone facing a birthday celebration under stay-at-home orders. Can’t do a virtual escape? It looks like you will be able to play the in-person version of The Truth About Edith after reopening.



Christmas Escapes

There are a few holiday-themed escape rooms available for escapers in the Portland area.

At Paradigm Q in Vancouver, The Hour Before Christmas will allow you to help save Christmas! For 2-8 players, $32 per person.

“Santa has been checking his list and he realizes right before he supposed to leave for his big night that he has forgotten the code to unlock all of  Christmas Cheer! Can you help Santa save Christmas in time?”

At Northwest Escape Experience, CSI: North Pole will give you another opportunity to save Christmas! For up to 8 players, $30 per person.

“Ho, Ho, No!!! It’s a Christmas emergency! An elf has gone rogue and stolen Santa’s Naughty and Nice List! Without it, Santa can’t deliver presents to all the good boys and girls in the world! Do you and your team of crime scene investigators have what it takes to solve this holiday caper in time to save Christmas?”

(I guess the only options for saving Christmas are in Vancouver, Washington.) So get out there and save the holidays!

Cine Escapes in Gresham is Now Open

Another new escape room company? Yes! A regular Google Maps search yielded this new company out in Gresham. Cine Escapes has opened with 3 currently bookable rooms and another listed on their website that shows as available as of about October 2nd, as follows:

  • Dead Endz (up to 8)
  • The Mob’s Speakeasy (up to 10)
  • Central Intelligence (up to 8)
  • 60 Fathoms Below (up to 10)

Cine Escapes is on a public booking system, priced at $30 per person. Open Wednesday through Sunday, Cine Escapes is located at 204 NE 2nd Street in Gresham. We look forward to checking it out.

New Escape Room Company in Vancouver

While navigating the Escape Games PDX website, there was an announcement for: New Location! New Games! New Puzzles! A click leads to paradigmq.com, a new escape room in Vancouver, WA. ParadigmQ states it is “Vancouver’s Largest Escape Game Company.”

There are currently 4 rooms listed under their Games tab but only one appears to be bookable at this time.  “Out of the Past” is $32/per person, with a 2-person minimum, and is available based on public booking 6 days a week (sorry Wednesday).

“How you made into the old west and smack dab in the center of an old gambling hall, you just aren’t sure.  What you do know is, you’d dearly like to get back to your present.  There is one way to make it happen, but it will take all your skills and the exact right timing or you might be stuck on the prairie forever!”

Other rooms listed on their website are:

  • Into the Future
  • Sasquatch On Site
  • Sherlock Sequel

ParadigmQ is a sister to Escape Games PDX. We recommend Escape Games PDX and are looking forward to trying the new rooms at this new company just across the Columbia River. What are your thoughts on ParadigmQ?

Stumptown Speakeasy Now Available at Stumptown Escape Games

Stumptown Escape Games‘ new speakeasy room is now bookable.

“You have discovered that the mobster that runs the speakeasy you recently started working for is much more brutal than you originally thought. Even though he makes the best beer in town, you can’t in good conscience let him continue to torture your coworkers. 
So, you have tipped off the cops and they will be there in just one hour to raid the joint. Not wanting to deny the world his tasty concoction, you have to find the jealously guarded secret recipe and leave the city so that you can open a kinder, gentler speakeasy in another town.”
Like the other games at Stumptown, they are public booking unless you book out the whole room. Stumptown Speakeasy is $30 per person for up to 8 people.

Mental Trap Has Reopened in Downtown Portland

After a long hiatus, Mental Trap is back! Mental Trap moved from their Beaverton location last year and has re-opened in downtown Portland. Inside Glowing Greens blacklight miniature golf (as before), the first room to open is:

Hotel: No Vacancy

“Welcome to Hotel No Vacancy, while you and your friends were out on the town you decide to explore this establishment and the door behind you locks closed.  Soon you will discover this is more than just an old hotel building with a rift in time. Traveling from room to room, and floor to floor each space holds a new layer of mystery and now you just wish to find your way back out before you get trapped in time. Now we ask you to lend us your hand in stopping this warp in space, you have just one hour to travel in time and it begins now. Eventually, one clue will lead you to Escape… but Not so fast, Mental Trap offers a series of rooms within each game. You’ve only escaped room number one. There are still more rooms to escape… Can you get out fast enough?”

According to their FAQ, the room is bookable for 4-6 people (doable with 3 but the minimum booking is priced at $120 for up to 4). The good news is that the rooms will be private with not strangers interfering with your enjoyment.

School of Magic Now Open at Mindtrix

The School of Magic is available for booking at Mindtrix. According to their website:

“You are on a much-needed vacation after your second year studying magic. Suddenly your break is cut short by a desperate plea for help by the school’s headmaster. Will your novice skills be enough to save the day?”

The newest escape room in the Clackamas Town Center has some of the best availability in the area, generally available for booking 7 days a week when the mall is open, 10am to 9pm (11am ot 7pm Sunday). When parking at the mall, keep to the west side, not far from Nordstrom’s mall entrance.

What did you think of the School of Magic? Comment below.

The Beanstalk is Open at Escape Space Games in Tualatin

New room available at Escape Space Games in Tualatin. The Beanstalk is bookable and recommended for 4 to 8 participants /$25 per person, $20 for kids/ public booking. According to their website:

“You may recall the “Beanstalk Incident” that was news for a brief time, but after Jack chopped it down that seemed like the end of the story. Since then, the garden has been quietly maintained by the family through all these generations and a small bit of magic has been preserved. Now the current caretaker is getting restless and is looking for a worthy successor. Do you have what it takes to discover the secrets of the garden?”

Check it out and comment below what you thought about The Beanstalk?